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Discover who your fans are and develop into an actor that audiences want to see.

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Discover who your fans are

Understanding who your fans are makes it easier to gain more. We show you what ages, genders, and locations you are hitting with the most.


Book more by pitching data

The more you know about your strengths the better you can pitch and develop them. A quick look shows you who you’re hitting with and how big your network is.

How to use this information

Production loves data. Add to submission notes.

Reps can use it to better pitch you to casting.

Stand out by putting it on your resume.

Create more pinpointed content for your fans.

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Fourth Wall’s next big thing
is coming soon

Big data helps the entertainment industry identify and produce hit projects. Professionals who leverage it have an advantage over those who can not.

Right now we are using big data to provide you insights that no one had before. Soon we plan to enter the casting space -- creating more opportunities by discovering and developing actors that audiences want to see. Sign up now to find out why big data is a big deal!